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ACLS and PALS rely heavily on the students ability to recognize ECG rhythms. These skills, however, are not taught during either of these courses.

It is expected that a student understand cardiac mechanics, electrical pathways, and how to read rhythms.

CSRE recommends ECG Workout, Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation, Fifth Edition by Jane Huff (ISBN 9780781782302 & ISBN10: 0781782309)

We recommend the Fifth Edition as it is generally more cost effective, and for the purposes of ACLS and PALS is still an excellent reference.

There are certainly newer editions of this guide which are excellent resources, however, being newer they command a higher price point.

Coming Soon

The CSRE Instructional staff is currently working on a series of videos to assist our students with ECG Readiness, as well as readiness for the ACLS Megacodes and PALS Scenarios for classes or HeartCode skills checks.

These videos will be linked as a series of entries on this site when they are polished and published, so be sure to check back often for updates.

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