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No! “Compliance” does not provide “AHA Certification”

Beware of “Compliant!”

We have had several students come to us, some in a panic, regarding their certifications. They have taken course from sites, or institutions, that promote themselves as “compliant with AHA guidelines”.

Sadly “compliant with AHA guidelines” does not imply a course is to be taught using the AHA curriculum for certification. Therefore, we wish to present the following for your consideration.

Rule of Thumb

A quick rule of thumb is that an actual American Heart Association course, instructor, or institution won’ t need to add that they are compliant with the AHA guidelines. They teach the AHA curriculum, using AHA materials, to AHA standards; so this is not needed.

Sites or institutions that present claims for their courses like are “AHA Certified,” “AHA Approved,” “AHA Compliant” or “created with the AHA” , where the “AHA” references the American Heart Association, are most likely fraudulent with non-compliant certifications. The lack of official AHA Logos (shown below) from a website also should raise suspicions.

Additionally, sites may claim “All courses follow the latest American Heart Association (AHA), ECC, ILCOR guidelines.” A statement such as this indicates that there are courses created based on the AHA courses. These courses are therefore not valid AHA courses.

AHA is not “Instant”

The American Heart Association (AHA) does not give “Instant” anything. The AHA also does not recognize “completely online courses”. All AHA certifications require hands-on testing of all core skills in the presence of an AHA certified instructor. All cards must be issued by a valid training center, and are issued from the AHA eCards system.

Anyone who offers a “immediate” card, a “printed wallet card”, or any other sort of immediate response should be considered possibly fraudulent.


If your require an American Heart Association certification, please be sure that you attend a course hosted by an official American Heart Association Training Center or Training site. You can find a listing of all official AHA Training Centers and Training Sites on the AHA Course Connector. Allowing the website to use your location will provide you with valid AHA training opportunities near you.

The American Heart Association has also posted their warnings on this type of fraudulent activity, and others, here.

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