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“One small change opens a monumental opportunity!”

Kristen Seibert, Operations Director

May 1, 2021

CSRE opened into our one-room schoolhouse. Our location is Suite 280 of the St Paul Building located at 2819 N Parham Road. It is a terrific, at-home space, and we have certified over 400 students since our move in date.

While this space has been terrific for us, it is now preventing us from expanding in the way that our students, and our community, needs us to. We are getting requests for classes, which prevent us from offering skills sessions. We are getting an increase in community course requests, as well as corporate course requests.

The problem is “one room” doesn’t allow us a lot of flexibility…..

November 1, 2022

CSRE will move around the corner, same building, same floor, still at 2819 N Parham Road but in a larger suite where we can hold classes, skills checks, and other events concurrently. The suite was currently numbered 220, if you’ve prowled around, but is now renumbered as Suite 280; just for us.

We are also opening up our course catalog to offer more AHA course opportunities and integrating our new ASHI courses.

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